ULTRA 4 AIR FILTER...well, well, well....

For the ones who know how I work, you will not be surprised at all. For the rest of you, a short definition of me is quite simple, I'm overly PARANOID! For me good is not good enough and best will do only for a while. I adore to test "internally" everything, no, if I can do it better I will not wait for next season to come, do unto others as you wish them to do onto you…… and so on :)

I've got jars after jars of contaminated petrol, diesel, aggressive solvents, all in which my fuel filters are macerating, some of them since 2011, I have no rush, neither have my babies working hard to keep fuel clean in so many tanks all over the world :)

So, while I was preparing the material for the next article, receiving up-dated info from the various Labs and University we are cooperating with, I woke up one day at 4 am, it’s the time I either wake-up in cold sweat for a detail I forgot to consider in designing a new media, or when the best ideas come to “me head”.

I got up, and put down the tech-specs for the “Rage Against The Sand” HAVOC Machine.

No, unfortunately no porn was included, although…… anyway, I woke-up thinking how my filters would perform in an hypothetical 10 years long Raid crossing the whole world, with deserts, arid areas, dusty roads, and only water to clean our ULTRA4 Air filter.

I don’t have time to wait for a real life test, and no BETA test or ISO defined specs would ever do that job for me, to test my HDM3D Shield 4 filters I created the specs and had the University Lab apply to them J So why not doing the same for Air filtration ?

So, preparing the ingredients was easy, also calculation was pretty easy, I choose the BMW F800 air box for the easy servicing and compact size, and prepared the machine, R.A.T.S. J

So, we know how much air the bike would need, it’s math 101, we can assume that the rider is a poor chap with little luck always riding in bad sand storms, behind 8x8 heavy trucks columns, washing the filters only once the bike would start to stutter, water is precious out there guys, and calculate a cycle-system.

So, you get a…………… wait, this is a company secret !!!!!! just for you to know, all what passed through whatever filter tested in the machine was collected in our X-Gen media, and believe me, it was a sand storm no vehicle in the world would ever survive !!!!!!!!!!!.

ok, ok..... I'll give you some details, all right :)

filtro aria sportivo moto

filtro aria sportivo moto

We tested original OEM paper filter, Off the-shelf paper filters, one or two very famous Cotton/Foam competitor and our ULTRA 4 air filter

filtro aria sportivo moto

Paper filter, that was expensive, believe me, Cotton and Foam, you have no idea how much detergent and oil we had to use, way too much for my liking.

So, how did the ULTRA4 perform?

FAILED, after the cycles they could not perform as I designed, and this is not acceptable, how am I supposed to know if my customers will not really face the worst conditions in the world?

Ohi, also the other filters failed the test, paper, OEM, Cotton/Foam, all failed in some ways, couple of paper filter presented heavy paper straining, Cotton started losing thread and having massive holes, foam stated crumble and was really inconsistent in pores size and filtration distribution, but to be part of the “lot” is not my style, I know what I want.

Cotton oiled 4 layers 6 cycles (longer cycles due to more air flow allowed by the filter)

filtro aria sportivo moto

filtro aria sportivo moto

Ultra 4 10 cycles (shorter cycles due to less air so had to increase the number of cycles)

filtro aria sportivo moto

filtro aria sportivo moto

OEM one and a half cycle, filter was to heavily contaminated to be simply blown-free

filtro aria sportivo moto

filtro aria sportivo moto

Yeha, sure, I have plenty of super happy customers driving in every condition, but as for the fuel filters, having designed the NEXT matrix gave me only more appetite for more efficiency and came up with the X-GEN, who knows what’s gonna be next J.

So back to the design table, back to the roots, and out with the next generation. Rally Raid

Here the focus on total protection was absolute, but, while designing a new 3D media I encountered a nice fact: this structure allows a much better compact air front in the air box, deriving in a better engine output! Damn, excuse my French, that was un-expected, but I must say really welcome.

So, in-to R.A.T.S. and flank speed to test it.


ULTRA 4 Rally Raid 10 cycles

filtro aria sportivo moto

filtro aria sportivo moto

Brilliant !!!

Not only the media was capable to retain much better even some of the finest dust, talking of 3 microns here, but the overall mechanical resistance of the matrix made it ultra long lasting with no decrees in efficiency nor lack of air flow.

Filter will take down 30 microns contaminants, but due to its amazing thick matrix, the overall effect we find on paper filter of fine dust accumulation, is perfectly duplicated in the Ultra 4 Rally Raid filter too.

What started as a test of long lasting quality, ended up creating a totally new product

Here the comparison of the two matrix 

filtro aria sportivo moto

filtro aria sportivo moto

Matrix is so dense that can benefit from both Syntetic better flow/segregation design and Paper small pore distribution, the best out of two worlds..... or more??

So, was it worth spending soooooo many months breathing dust, oil, screwing and unscrewing the machine hundreds of time, buying soooo many product just to destroy them in a few days of testing?

Yeha….. it was, the Guglatech ULTRA 4 Rally Raid Air Filter is the most advanced Air filter in the world, and guess what??

Ops, screen's finished, you’ll have to wait next episode to know more :)

Stay tuned ...