KTM Rally-Raid Evolution, when your KTM will forever forget the fuel filter problem.

If you’ve been surfing ad reading some of my posts you must have realised how much there is still to do on YOUR motorbike to make it more realiable, stronger, harder to kill and ready to go around the world and back.

Obviuosly the KTM 990 IS the best base for advanced evolutions and up-grade, the engine is very strong, the whole bike is amazing, and YET there is much to do.

You must have already understood that this is going to be a post about fuel, what else ??

KTM Rally-Raid Evolution......

As already analysed, the fuel pump assembly has been developed for real long lasting qualities, the pump unit is very strong and robust, but the combination of too small pre-filter-strainer and small paper main fuel filter are prone to clogging far too easily.

problemi-filtro-benzina KTM

problemi-filtro-benzina KTM

problemi-filtro-benzina KTM

problemi-filtro-benzina KTM

Moreover, the far too small surface of both units creates the weakest point of the bike and the simpliest solution is simply to redisign the system. Thus : KTM Rally-Raid Evolution.

As always the most important thing it to keep the tank clean, therefore is imperative to pre-filter at neck, based on the bike fuel neck, we have many different solutions.

The most advanced is for the KTM 990 ADV, with it’s big mouth ZADI fuel cap RAlly/Raid.

 10 microns NEXT BBR attached to the original fuel neck

This allows the biggest flow surface and the possibility to insert a special water-separating extractable media that will rest below the cap while driving without the need to remove it.

Here the filtration rating can be chosen between the 10 microns and the 0 microns, the best performing filter for fuel, which combined with the water-separation media, will obtain the most advanced fuel filtration available for any vehicle.

Water separation media to be inserted and easily extracted from the neck/filter assembly,

in sequence, 690/701, SMR/SMT/SM 990, 1050-1090-1190-1290, alla below the cap mounting.

Once the tank will keep THAT clean, we can finally re-think the original filter design of the fuel pump assembly.

Since size, but also material, IS the issue, we have developed a “sandwich” structure which combines a filtering surface twice as big as the original one, washable, and with a better fuel flow.

1 Godzilla pre-pump fuel filter, on SMT/SD 990, RC8 1190, any 1050-1090-1190-1290, you name it, any bigger and you’ll need a bigger tank indeed:) 

compared to the original (big newest version) should you still have doubts about it’s huge filtering surface

Since the fuel will be filtered at the neck, the pre-pump filter will never again need maintenance or to be changed, thus reducing costs and failure mishaps, even the expensive to replace fuel pump o-rings,

Next step to free the pump and motorbike is to remove the far too small paper filter in the fuel pump. This filter is called the main filter since it’s protecting the injectors but it’s size is not proper for a big bore bike such as the 990 or even worse bigger bores such as 1050-1090-1190-1290, all sharing the same pump-filter design unfortunately.

The complex design of the pump-filter-FPR (fuel pressure regulator) doesn’t allow for a bigger main filter, so the simplest and most convenient solution is to place a simple steel or aluminum in-line fuel filter before the Throttle bodies under the fairing.

KTM ADV 990 all years

original airbox (bottom part)

 KTM SMR/SM/SMT/SD 990 all years and airbox combinations:

KTM 1050-1090-1190-1290 ADV SD SD GT RC8 auto purging unit

Same applies to the 690/701 ( both KTM and Husqvarna), whatever model, to eliminate the far too small and delicate KL15 or KL97 you have on your bike

 many application of the same small unit KL15 or KL97, same size, simply different hose size


This modification, KTM Rally-Raid Evolution was born to create the ultimate fuel system, one that will only require the change of an external fuel filter every 30-50.000 km, accordingly to the external fuel filter model, as a normal maintainance, not anymore as a problematic fuel change due to a bike stop or fuel pump death.

This is a RACE only modification, in some countries may not be street approved, so the implementation is entirely under your responsability and decision, but there is nothing you can do better to your KTM to be free forever from the dirty fuel and clogged filter/death pump issue.

so… GO GO GO Rally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw, asking yourself how big filters are??