Fuel is clean

Fuel is clean!

Fuel come from the oil refining process, it reaches extremely high grades of purity.

And than what?
Well, then it spends what it's left of its life until reaching the combustion chamber traveling: tanks, tankers, delivery trucks, pipelines, underground tanks and then finally the fuel station tank/delivery systems that will deliver it to your motorcycle/vehicle fuel tank.

Of cleanness there’s very little to speak about here, deposits, residuals, infiltrations, condense, adulterations (read it as fraud) dirt and various type of sludges will all be washed off by the petrol itself and end-up in your tank/engine.

Fuel filters help protecting from dirt, dust, rust and water (or other adulterations as well). Filter all the petrol and you will see how longer the whole engine will last: your fuel pump, the OEM fuel filters, fuel injectors (and carburetors as well) all will last long and you will not get stranded in the middle or nowhere, or just around the corner of your flat.

This is an example of a customer of Guglatech, USA, Urban area, brand new bike, already in trouble due to dirt on the fuel pump.

Well, as I said before, no big issue, just prefilter while refueling and all is well.

Well, the problem is that ONLY GUGLATECH fuel filters are real high efficiency and high protective fuel filters effectively protecting you engine from dirt, sludge, dust, rust and water. Guglatech High Efficiency Filtration medias are the only protective one with the highest efficiency in the world.

Other producers are happy using simple meshes or even not properly defined textiles ( some resembles in a dramatic way the clothing lining textiles both in aspect and efficiency) and the all talk of generic dirt and sand.

Obviously in their marketing descriptions are all declaring incredible features, with specific Microns, 40 microns , 25 microns, some others cannot even define the efficiency due to the non-technologic materials used.
Well, on the paper and in words they all claim to be the real deal, so we tested them all already in 2017, here’s the link to the video:

 https://youtu.be/EXqvAiQpnEQ ,

and the poor results are the same as of today products on the market.

In more than 5 years nothing has changed a bit.

Oh sure, there are new products on the market, even one producer is now using simple clothing textiles, another one is a re-branding of a well known product.
Do you see any resemblance?

 Also non the marketing brochure they have the same specs and description, both claiming a protection with a 40 microns pore. Both matching the extremely poor protection showed in our video from 2017.

And how does the textile product behave?

Better not to comment.
In both cases, our preliminary tests showed such poor results, compared to the REAL EFFICIENCY and PROTECTION of a Guglatech Fuel Filter that it would have been a waste of time and “film” to run any real test.
Not a single product anywhere on the market has the chance to match our efficiency and our superior protection under any aspects.
Why do we stress so much the concept of microns and filtration media depth with progressive accumulation?

When you talk scientifically about filtration you must consider the real science behind it, not just the funny marketing talk.

High Tech materials such as Guglatech Matrix both for fuel and air, obtain a increasingly superior protection also due to the progressive micron accumulation of particles, affinity segregation, progressive higher efficiency due to continuous accumulation, like in our air filters, the more the media will get dirtier in the depth of the media (3D filtration) and the more the efficiency and protection will increase WITHOUT slowing refueling down.
Our Matrix use 3 different filtration system to obtain clean fuel:

  • The deep filtration works with a mechanical pore ranging from 15 microns to 12,5 microns (liquid filtration has all different kind of parameters than fluid (air) filtration)
  • The deep accumulation (3D depth accumulation) will increase efficiency while progressively trapping more dirt without slowing down refueling (unless the media will be totally saturated)
  • The combination of our High Tech Media and the unique design in the world with complete sealed-off edges separates 100% if the free water contained in the petrol

What sense does it make to have a low efficiency cheap neck fuel filtration if it won’t protect you engine from the micro-dirt, water and have the highest efficiency in the world?


You’re wasting money and time plus you’re riding along with the false illusion you’re protecting your engine, an illusion that can cost HUGE sums of money
Protect you bike with the highest efficiency fuel filter in the world.

Protect you bike with Guglatech.