HDM3D la Rivoluzione delle matrici attive

Great News !!!

No, it's not an article about fuel filter and fuel filtration.......ok, ok, you got me there, it IS AGAIN an article about fuel filters, BUT, it's such an amazing revolution that it IS anyway..


We are SO proud of the amazing work we have done , really a lot, BUT..... the only way to be sure was to work even harder in the LAB to check the new medias also against our OWN filters!!

Our new HDM3D Matrix is fomidable, and I'm so crazy about it, obviusoly, and I'm so happy that our Lab test has confirmed our new design results and the great job we have done.

We have used the contamination from a fuel filter with more than 50.000 km coming from a burned fuel pump, we back-flushed it with fresh petrol mixed with injector cleaner (our beloved procedure to clean-out KTM original fuel pump filters), prefilter it with a 28 microns INOX Mesh strainer to avoid useless HUGE particulate test contamination, than used half mix through our famouse Expedition 15 microns and half through the revolutionary HDM3D with amazing results.

Our Expedition media is far better than any other fuel filter media/system on the market, but our relentlessly research to design a fast refueling matrix matching our 3D NEXT 10 microns MEDIA and, we hope, in the future to out-match our incredible 3D NEXT HBR 0 microns could not be abandoned !!!

The HDM3D has crowned our effort:

In the below pictures you can see the build-up of particulate in both medias, Expedition 15 microns and the newest HDM3D Matrix

filtro benzina moto

Expedition 15 micron

filtro benzina moto

The difference is fantastic, and the more our HDM3D will "work" the more it will segregate contaminants, we designed out matrix just to do so, DON'T WASH them, let them WORK :)

But how can you really tell if it was just optical unless using very expensive and complex lab tests?

Easy, you use "Absolute" Certified Lab Filter Media (99,98% filtration rating) to verify the residual particulate contamination in the fuel after passing it through our filters.

filtro benzina moto

On the LEFT our Expedition 15 microns media, on the Right the NEWEST HDM3D Matrix, bet you any more words are superfluous :)

filtro benzina moto

After the "Absolute" Certified Lab Filter Media petrol comes clean and perfect, but can you refuel at 100cc every 8-10 minutes? Imagine refueling :)

Ohi, we have forgotten about the water separation, well... obviously it was completely separated from fuel at first pass from our Acquastop Media.

filtro benzina moto

Like I always say, Noch Fragen?? :)

Oh, you think some other company/product can outmatch our medias, really?

well, check it out :)


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