Duo Tank Fuel Filter and Air Filter - BMW serie F - KIT004

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This is a new era of Air Filtration; JOIN IT!!! 

The first and ONLY Air Filter in the WORLD, for BMW R 1200/1250 LC, can adapt its use to different conditions. NEVER was an Air Filter so complete and amazing in its efficiency!!!

Air Filter **ULTRA 4** **Rally Raid** to allow maximum protection to your BMW R 1200/1250 motor:

1. Ultra Protective**, with 30 microns and an extremely high BETA ratio, this filter outmatches the OEM Paper filter specs,

2. Ultra Performing** the much better Air Flow will allow a better engine response and a new sprint in your driving,

3. Ultra Economic** from now on, no more filter changes, expensive solvent cleaning, oiling or spray. Simply air blow or light soap, it will be ready for mounting in a matter of minutes, clean as new, and it's totally **ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY!** Dry it's the best companion for any trip, touring or Travel Around the World

A few drops of air filter oil and it becomes the most advanced barrier against sand and fine dust.

In both cases, home grease remover and water, and in a few minutes, you will decide how to prepare it for your next adventure.

4. Ultra Long Lasting** the high-density homogeneous matrix is robust and will not lose its integrity even after many washing. No cotton thread will get free, no foam particles will enter the combustion chamber while the filter disintegrates, and this filter will keep its' excellent characteristics **FOR EVER**. "Dry" use is recommended only on normal streets.

Therefore for dusty roads, deserts and extreme conditions, it is mandatory to "oil" the filter.  You can use any brand of the best quality, both for cotton or foam, wash it with home-type grease remover only, no alcohol, and you will obtain this ( check our TECH-blog)

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Fuel Filter for BMW F800 F700, GS, GSA, F, R

BMW F800/F700/F650 TWIN Fuel Filter is a NEW filter generation, COMPLETELY ENCLOSED IN A PROTECTIVE MESH to avoid damages coming from the aggressive original steel tank surface. Bigger filtering surface! INNOVATIVE HDM3D MEDIA WITH WELDED FILTER EDGES FOR THE BEST DIRT/WATER SEPARATION WHILE REFUELING. HUGE XL+ SURFACE NB: big quantities of water and/or chemical contaminations, both deriving from “waste/cheat” or petrol additives, may result in a slow water dropping through the media or even a full water passage due physic and/or chemical interaction. Regardless of the water issue the FILTER will maintain its primary function of blocking the dangerous contaminants. For your BMW F800/F700/F650 TWIN Fuel Filter  you will receive via mail  detailed instruction after purchasing the product with all material and spare parts included.  You can also  find it in the section:


HDM3D media, XL+ almost 600 square cm of filtering surface, simple mounting and fast refueling, washable and long lasting  

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