- Obsession for Protection -

Passion for motorbikes and mechanics…

Guglatech is a highly innovative Italian brand born from a great passion for motorbikes and mechanics. The company designs, develops, produces and distributes the most advanced fuel filtration systems for motorcycles, scooters, adventure vehicles, boats, and light aircrafts aimed at protecting them from fuel contamination. In this field, Guglatech is a leading company, thanks to its competence, technical expertise and dedication as well as constant research and development. All designs are a perfect mix of the most advanced materials and optimal filter-mounting combination, to guarantee the best protection and the fastest refueling time.

- Years of Passion - The company specializes in EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems. Filters media/matrix, membranes and mountings are developed to cover almost all the makes and models of motorcycles, regardless of the production year.Guglatech products are designed in order to protect against fuel and water contamination. Their use provides clear and obvious benefits: not only preservation of the fuel pump, smooth and safe ride, but also a significant reduction of time and money spent on parts and maintenance.Check our Blog , to read more about Technology inside:
  • Project/Product focused design and development
  • Research and Development
  • Extensive technical expertise in the Motorcycle/Vehicle field
  • Genuine and strong relationship with customers and influencers

- Shared passions -

Guglatech is well-known, qualified supplier for passionate and/or professional travelers, those who practice Enduro, those taking part in Rally Raids and wanting to avoid risks during races. We also support charities and various associations who are trying to help those in need, including “Children in the Desert” and “Cinema Du Desert”. They use Guglatech products on trucks and transport means to reach villages and bring their help with no concerns and worries.


Laura Buitron, Motomentals -Jess and Jeku (Jess & Bart Lammaing), Keith and Jalene Matheson, Federico Fefo Bertolini, Dominique Joseph, Kelvin Prevett and Suzie Bostock, Pikiki – Michnus and Elsebie Olivier, Xt Adventures with Martin Strebel and Senia Sägesser, Motoadventure with Ermanno Gagliardi, Antonello Minervini, Eugenio Bazzoli, Luca Lupofifi ‘Verrangia and many more.