Tank Fuel Filter - Acerbis - M130_06
  • Tank Fuel Filter - Acerbis - M130_06
  • Tank Fuel Filter - Acerbis - M130_06

Tank Fuel Filter - Acerbis - M130_06

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Guglatech Fuel Filter HDM3D  is compatible with all fuel tanks with clock cap: Acerbis/Clarke/IMS/Safari tanks and original Japanese bikes Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki This filter  is designed for  all modern bikes with after-market tanks and EFI system.

Guglatech Fuel Filter HDM3D matrix :

Matrix - HDM3D ACQUASTOP - INNOVATIVE HDM3D MEDIA WITH WELDED FILTER EDGES FOR THE BEST DIRT/WATER SEPARATION WHILE REFUELING, HUGE XL+ SURFACE. Due to its innovative matrix, the filter blocks and traps contaminants and water saving the pre-filter, working between 40 and 60 microns, and extending the paper filter (working between 8 and 10 microns) and pump life. Special fuel neck prefilter designed to be mounted inside the original fuel cap, simple drop-in easy to insert and extract, no further modifications or mountings. The filter is washable  and long-lasting. Its XL size , meaning 600 square centimeters of the fitering surface,  allows Guglatech Fuel Filter  for  the optimal refuelling time and  protection for the pump and the strainer/filter group.  This filtration level will both preserve the fuel pump and prolong fuel original filter life avoiding nasty surprises.

COMPATIBILITY WITH Acerbis/Clarke/IMS/Safari tanks:

Compatibile with all tanks, lock-cap, rubber vent, neck opening: 48-50-54 mm. Brands/models: Acerbis/Clarke/IMS/Safari tanks Dedicated to all modern bikes with after-market tanks and EFI system! Attention -Mounting: Mounting on the  Acerbis/Clarke/IMS/Safari tankss is  possible only with Acerbis Gasket.


Check the inside of the tank from the filler, if any protruding object are clearly in the way of the filter, it is compulsory to use the HDM3D-X-ARM fuel filters. Here there is an example of the CRF 250 where the fuel pump, with its cutting edges and sharp corners, would rip the filter apart:




NB: big quantities of water and/or chemical contaminations, both deriving from “waste/cheat” or petrol additives, may result in a slow water dropping through the media or even a full water passage due physic and/or chemical interaction. Regardless of the water issue the FILTER will maintain its primary function of blocking the dangerous contaminants. Filtering with the Guglatech Fuel Filter HDM3D, you will be free from bad refueling and nasty pump/filters "accidents", pre-filtering will allow you simply to wash you pump filter like described in our Technical Blog.

Guglatech Filter for Acerbis/Clarke/IMS/Safari tanks - EASY MOUNTING:

 Check our video about Long Range Tanks & Guglatech fuel filters fitting

More info about fuel filter contamination:

Is Fuel Clean? Guess

Motorbike Fuel Filtration: why, how. Yes, you should

Unless you want to be stranded at the side of a street during a simple ride or a long adventure, pre-filter at NECK :)

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