KTM Air and Fuel Complete Bundle - KIT010


KTM 1290/1190/1090/1050 ADVENTURE and SADV Complete  filter and air  combo kit.

10% discount for combined purchase: air  all the fuel  products together in this bundle!

KTM 1290/1190/1090/1050 FUEL FILTER KIT IS A COMPLETE  SYSTEM FOR 1290/1190/1090/1050 ADVENTURE, SADV,  SDR-GT

ONLY FOR THE NEW SERIES, NOT FOR RC8. BEAR IN MIND : THE FUEL  SYSTEM KIT INCLUDES PARTS THAT ONCE MOUNTED WILL VOID THE TYPE/STREET APPROVAL IN YOUR COUNTRY!!! Kit/System KMF001 is for RACE AND COMPETITION ONLY, may also VOID your vehicle Warranty. ___________________________________________________________________

The KTM 1290/1190/1090/1050 FUEL FILTER Kit includes all the best from Guglatech Advanced Fuel Filtration.

This Bundle includes:

1 - Complete Fuel System for KTM LC8 ( our product code  KMF001)

M00406 - fuel neck prefilter to be mounted below the original neck/plastics MFPKG GODZILLA - fuel pump pre-filter almost 3 times bigger than the original KTM MRT099 - in-line external fuel filter kit, filter, HQ hose, W4 inox bracelets KTMFPO - HQ Viton full o-ring kit for the LC8 fuel pump servicing and spare parts for the trip   THIS KIT IS SPECIFIC ONLY FOR THE KTM LC8 1290/1190/1090/1050 ADVENTURE, SADV, SD-R, SDR-GT. Please note that for the  990 KITS ARE DIFFERENT.  

2- Air Filter MAB003

10% kit purchase discount,   when you buy all the products together in this Bundle.


All the info about Godzilla  FUEL KIT:

Godzilla Rally Raid Installation LC8

KTM Fuel Pump and Filters

We will send you by mail the PDF Instructions but you can check them also here:

Mounting Godzilla Kit -PDF


MAB003 Ultra4 Air Filter

This is a new era of Air Filtration, JOIN IT!!! The first and ONLY Air Filter in the WORLD that can adapt its use to the different conditions.

NEVER was an Air Filter so complete and amazing in its efficiency!!!

Air Filter ULTRA 4 Rally Raid to allow maximum protection to your KTM motor:
  1. Ultra-Protective - with 30 microns and a extremely high BETA ratio, this filter matches the OEM Paper filter specs,
  2. Ultra-Performing  -the much better Air Flow will allow a better engine response and a new sprint in your driving,
  3. Ultra-Economic - from now on, no more filter changes, expensive solvent cleaning, light soap and luke warm water, it will be ready for mounting in a matter of minutes clean as new and its totally ENVIRORMENT FRIENDLY!
A few drops of air filter oil, and it becomes the most advanced barrier against sand and fine dust.
  1. Ultra-Long Lasting - the high density homogeneous matrix is robust and will not loose its integrity even after many washing, no cotton thread will get free, no foam particles will enter the combustion chamber while the filter disintegrates, this filter will keep its great characteristics FOR EVER.



Read also  the article from our Blog:

GODZILLA Rally/Raid RACE installation LC8

  • brand - KTM
  • KTM - 1290 SADV S
  • KTM - 1190 ADVENTURE
  • KTM - 1190 RC8
  • KTM - 1050 ADVENTURE
  • KTM - 1090 ADVENTURE
  • KTM - 1190 ADVENTURE R
  • KTM - 1290 SUPER DUKE GT
  • KTM - 1090 ADV S
  • KTM - 1090 SADV R
  • KTM - 1290 SADV R

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