Tank Fuel Filter - BMW R 1200/1250 GS - M070_06-ARM

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BMW R 1200/1250 GS/A R RT RS Fuel Filter . INNOVATIVE **HDM3D** MEDIA WITH WELDED FILTER EDGES FOR THE BEST  DIRT/WATER SEPARATION, WHILE REFUELING, HUGE XXL+ SURFACE NB: big quantities of water and/or chemical contaminations, both deriving from “waste/cheat” or petrol additives, may result in a slow water dropping through the media or even a full water passage due physic and/or chemical interaction. Regardless of the water issue the FILTER will maintain its primary function of blocking the dangerous contaminants. Special fuel neck pre-filter designed to be mounted inside the original fuel cap, easy to insert and extract, no further modifications or mountings, simply open the fuel cap and insert it!

Attention BMW R 1200/1250 LC  fuel cap:

Please check what fuel cap your bike has:

Simply open the cap and look inside with a torch: check if the ending of the tube has the restriction like in the photo #2. If so, you MUST follow our suggestions explained in the video below. Otherwise, the refuelling will be impossible, due to the  design, which is  too restrictive to allow the filter to open up.

See the video below:

BMW R 1200/1250 LC FUEL NECK -   youtube video



This filter is  for all the BMW 1200-1250 for Liquid Cooled Engine:

Other models:

Product  M06006 for BMW R1200 with metal well below the cap and  and product M09006-ARM for all   BMW R1200 GS/A, R Nine T Urban GS, all models R1200 Aria e Olio except for R 1200 RT:

ONE PUSH AND READY and  your BMW R 1200/1250 is ready!

Safe the fuel pump and prolong fuel original filter life avoiding nasty surprises.

Instructions - Fuel Filter BMW R 1200/1250 LC:

Mounting Instructions for model M07006 - download pdf

Why filtering?

Motorbike fuel filtration why how,  yes you should Is fuel clean, guesssssssss...

  • brand - BMW
  • BMW - R 1200 R LC
  • BMW - R 1200 RS LC
  • BMW - R1200 RT LC
  • BMW - R 1200 GS LC
  • BMW - R 1250 RT LC
  • BMW - R 1250 GS
  • BMW - R 1250 GS ADV
  • BMW - R 1250 RT
  • BMW - R 1250 GS ADV LC
  • BMW - R 1250 GS LC
  • BMW - R 1250 R
  • BMW - R 1250 LC RS

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