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In May 2015 I was contacted by a very nice person, Keith Matteson, about the amazing adventure that he and his wife Jalene will live starting in a few weeks trhought the whole South America.

I designed a special 10 microns NEXT “shoe-shaped” filter to allow the biggest surface available and easy “wire” mounting on his and his wife BMW F650 Dakar and STD Single Enduro

He even modified the neck filler in order to allow a much faster fuel flow.

After 18 months and 38.000 miles of some of the worst contaminated fuels in the whole worlds, this is what the still perfectly functioning filters look like

The main filter, really expensive and hard to come by, is still perfectly working and both bike run as good as new, below his own words, enjoy.

Hi Guglielmo-

Finally! here are three photos of the filter after 18 months and 38,000 miles through North, Central, and South America, 2015-17.

Countries traveled: USA, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina.

My impressions of this filter, taken from our website, www.southonabike.com:

“About the fuel itself: Install a GOOD fuel filter on your bike. Bolivian gas is of questionable octane ratings – I was told as low as 84 at times, and is often full of rust and sediment. While the bikes seem to run fine on anything we dump into them, my fuel jug looked like it had been filled with brown river water after one station outside La Paz. With modern fuel injection, make sure you have adequate filtration capability for your bike. Our F650 BMWs have the fuel injection pressure regulator and the fuel filter combined into one unit, and they cost $170 in the US. You don’t want to be replacing those! Ask about a high-pressure inline filter at the auto-parts store and put it in yourself.

I also strongly recommend one of Guglatech’s in-tank bag filters. It filters the fuel as the bike is being filled, and you can get them in very small mesh. It cleans the fuel before it even gets into the tank, so your fuel pump is protected as well. I installed a 10-micron prototype filter in each bike, and they have lasted the entire trip. They newest ones are super-easy to install, just replace the fuel filler neck with the new one containing the filter. They are very durable, with tough fabric inside to protect the filter membrane – we have had attendant’s try to jam the fuel nozzle through them many, many times and they are unfazed by this abuse. The volume is such that they don’t slow down the fill rate, and they hold all the sediment and rust particles easily. The very fine particles are trapped in the thick layers of the filter membrane, which gradually turns grey over time, but has not stopped flowing fuel. I will install a Guglatech filter in every bike I own from now on”

Good luck, and thanks for all your great help to us on this trip!

Keith and Jalene

It makes one proud, really, a lot

Thank you Keith and Jalene, both for sharing your amazing adventure with us but also for your support and great words.

Guglielmo aka Bill



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