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Product Description


This is a new era of Air Filtration, JOIN IT!!!

The first and ONLY Air Filter in the WORLD that can adapt its use to the different conditions.

NEVER was an Air Filter so complete and amazing in its efficiency!!!

Air Filter ULTRA 4 Rally Raid to allow maximum protection to your KTM motor:

  1. Ultra-Protective – with 30 microns and a extremely high BETA ratio, this filter matches the OEM Paper filter specs,
  2. Ultra-Performing  -the much better Air Flow will allow a better engine response and a new sprint in your driving,
  3. Ultra-Economic – from now on, no more filter changes, expensive solvent cleaning, light soap and luke warm water, it will be ready for mounting in a matter of minutes clean as new and it’s totally ENVIRORMENT FRIENDLY!

A few drops of air filter oil, and it becomes the most advanced barrier against sand and fine dust.

  1. Ultra-Long Lasting – the high density homogeneous matrix is robust and will not loose its integrity even after many washing, no cotton thread will get free, no foam particles will enter the combustion chamber while the filter disintegrates, this filter will keep its’ great characteristics FOR EVER.

WHY ULTRA4 for KTM790?


Due to  the snorkels position, it is mandatory to “oil” the filter, you can use any brand of the best quality, both for cotton or foam, wash it with home type grease remover only, no alcohol, and you will obtain this !!!!!

ATTENTION: due to the design of the airbox, it is highly recommended to seal all matching surfaces, both where the rubber “frame” of the filter sits. Simple Lithium grease put with the finger will suffice.

Our relentless research for MAXIMUM PROTECTION, maintenance cost TOTAL ELIMINATION, and continuous product evolution has taken another step ahead. The resultr is this REVOLUTIONARY Air Filter.

Regardless of your bike configuration, OEM exhaust and engine management, After Market parts and new EFI maps, if you are looking for the maximum protection in every condition and ultra cost reduction this is YOUR Air Filter.

We have focused on a better riding experience: not on the Race Track Only peak power, better torque and smoother engine run and, being part of our mission, total engine protection and maintenance cost elimination.

Guglatech DOES NOT supply the sealing material.

Compatible with the following OEM codes:

KTM 60306015100


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