MAHLE KL315 OEM fuel filter kit -BMW LC 1200/1250 - MRT089-B

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MAHLE KL315 OEM fuel filter kit for BMW BOXER LC 1200/1250

MAHLE KL315 OEM Kit dedicated to the BMW BOXER 1200/1250 LC fuel pumps, all MODELS: The NEW kit is composed by:

  1.  1 OEM original Mahle KL315 fuel filter;
  2.  1 O-ring, Viton, specific for the application;
  3.  2 INOX AISI 304 collars
  4.  1 PA corrugated specific high-pressure hose
  5.  1 pre-pump strainer, Twin Walls and special inner reinforced cage.

This Guglatech KIT will allow you to revamp totally your OEM fuel pump. Fuel injection system need the full efficiency of fuel pump and fuel filters to deliver the engine performances. Only the correct maintenance of the fuel system and preventive servicing can guarantee the best protection for the engine, top power and best responsiveness.

In the middle of the photo the R 1100/1150 specific fuel filter, to be changed maximum at 40.000 km, 20.000 km in case of very dirty petrol Well, dimensionally they are practically twins. And now BMW refers to it as to a life time part? No  more changing? IMPOSSIBLE! A clogged fuel filter will impede the correct fuel flow, and a damaged prefilter will leave the fuel pump unprotected, a great hazard that will diminish vehicle reliability.

This is the ideal kit for the correct fuel system maintenance of your BMW to guarantee the best performance and protection of the engine throughout the whole life of your bike.


  • brand - BMW
  • BMW - R 1200 R LC
  • BMW - R 1200 RS LC
  • BMW - R1200 RT LC
  • BMW - R 1200 GS LC
  • BMW - S 1000 XR
  • BMW - R 1250 RT

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