Guglatech products are intended for motorbikes, scooters, special 4×4-6×6 vehicles and light aircrafts to protect them from fuel contaminants. Petrol/Diesel Filters for refueling neck mounting, Tank Ventilation Filters, Highly Selective “Adventure” Membranes, Advanced Fuel Filter for in-tank fuel pump applications, Rally Raid and Race Track Kit for KTM LC8 / RC8, KTM 690 (450/530 new series for mono) and Husqvarna 701.

Guglatech filters, produced exclusively in Italy, are hand-made and subject to the most scrupulous controls, attesting to the high quality. The filter-mounting combination is always optimized to ensure both excellent protection and refueling speed.

Guglatech is always alongside those who travel, even daily, using their vehicles just for commuting. Contaminated fuel is everywhere, and eventually the contamination will lead to problems both during long and short trips.


The core of business activity is the testing, experiments and control activities that take place in the “LAB”: mechanical stress, permeability test, residue control, benchmarking, inbound supplies, final product test, design, specific materials and particulates, water and dirt segregation performance.
An amazingly strong bond with the “riders” has created a powerful flow of information, the “Real Life Test” made by customers who give feedbacks and allow Guglatech to continuously improve its products and systems.