Filtrazione Benzina per le Motociclette, perche', come... si, devi farlo!

Like I said, motorbiking must be fun, traveling, going places, meeting new people, visiting foreign places, I don’t want people to be carefree, but for sure one should not always worry about all that may or may not happen.

Since EFI motorbikes started to become more and more complicated, complex, expensive and most of all made of single componentes so much “branded” that you will have a very hard time finding spare parts around the world, or just around the corner, one have to make sure the bike has been taken care off.

Mostly modern bike are facing more and more electronic issues, or, saddly, fuel issues.

For the first, unfortunately only the dealer can help you, for the second you can help yourself thinking twice before refueling:

this is from a KTM ADV 990 2012, only 29.000 km of normal petrol, the one you are getting at your local tank station, not some remote bottled petrol in middle Affrica, any darker and they would dark matter researches superfluous.

Oh yeha, you're right, is a well known problem affecting only the orange bikes, all others are immune,


If you wish I can go on, we have soo many customers traveling around the globe, commuting, touring, just enjoying a week-end out, and all of them had the same problem:

Fuel is dirty!

All this could have been avoided, simply mounting a special, motorbike specific, fuel neck prefilter from Guglatech!