AIR FILTER.....when I told you surprises were not over, I was being humble.

Thanks to the amazing work while developing the ULTRA4 Rally Raid Media, we could achieve the unthinkable:

The Air Filter that can adapt its use to the different conditions. NEVER was a product so complete and amazing in its efficiency!!!

The design of the complex matrix has been studied to achieve a superb performance while used DRY, no additional oil and easy to wash under water and a light soap in case of some "organic" contamination, insects or such.

But imagine that you decide to take your bike for a Desert trip, lucky you.

While riding behind some vehicles, most of the particle that would remain longer suspended in the air would be the lightest and smallest, below 10 microns.

In this conditions even paper filters, OEM, would fail, and here the amazing technology of the Rally Raid ULTRA4 filter media shows its incredible property.

While dry, the filter has a great 30 microns filtration capability, using a LIGHT OIL COATING, it will become THE best combination having both the smallest pore size to start from in a 3D deep matrix AND combining the adhesive property of the Air filter Oil.

Normally a Cotton or Foam filters would have pores the size of 200-450 plus microns, and only after a long period of accumulation of smaller particles would they start becoming a real air filter.

filtro aria lavabile moto

Light Oil coating, we tested both Cotton and Foam oil, we prefere Cotton type :)

filtro aria lavabile moto

Here after the usual Havoc Machine Sand Storm Test, and YOU KNOW that our TEST is way harder than any other in the WORLD

front, FULL SATURATION, even thought the filter was still working

filtro aria lavabile moto

you can see how heavily contaminated and over abused was..... look at the back of the filter

filtro aria lavabile moto

CLEAN, SPOTLESS practically NEW !!!!!!!!!!

filtro aria lavabile moto

You can see the light coating of oil coloring the rear of the filter, but NOT A SINGLE PARTICLE OF DUST WENT THROUGH !!!
If you have a cotton or foam air filter home, check the difference yourself and let m me know.

The ULTRA 4 Rally Raid is from moment 0 ready for all kind of adventures and travels, it's up to YUO to prepare it for yours.

Washing is way simplier and less damaging than for Cotton or Foam, a simply home grease remover, NO ALCOHOL, some fresh water, and you can start anew planning your next adventure, Dry for Tour, Wet for Sand, how easy is life now??
We designed the most advanced AIR FILTER in the WORLD, now it's up to you to install it on your bike and be protected and free.