1% against the World

Whenever one talks about maximum efficiency filtration I must admit I get agitated, maybe even excited.

Even when the discussion is among experts, technicians, with technical jargon/terms talking with experts, I often just hear the same words, sentences over and over again, mostly based on some marketing pamphlet and platitudes from some very famous companies.

The brand is mostly covering the truth, info and marketing are really hard to interpret.

A few examples?

Adventure trip, KTM 1190,

Engine over - really , really expensive!

Producer declares an efficiency of 98%-99% - top quality oiled cotton filter.
How would you feel after opening your airbox, having bought the OEM part sold by your own dealer, product from a  Top Brand “dedicated” to off road use paid top money? 

No need to answer, I can hear the swearing from here, but let’s go on, shall we?

Photo 2 - Small Light Enduro -Trip in Tuscany, “Eroica” road, BMW F 800 GS

No real damage this time, fortunately, but lot’s of rage, again top quality oiled cotton filter,  another Top Brand producer declares an efficiency of 98%-99%, another Top Brand, famous, another dealer sales, another filter dedicated to the Off Road, another airbox full of dust.

Oh, ok ok ok, everyone knows that oiled cotton is the worst choice, let’s move to foam, shall we?

Photo 3 - Simple ride around with some buddies KTM 790

No big damage, BUT, some test had a bad results.

In this case bad mantainance plus clumsy sealing of the system. Again too much dust, one of the best products on the market, no efficiency declared, no data to compare, no info to cross-check, shame, I love to fight data against data.

And now the big question, how does a Guglatech performs under the same conditions? Sorry, they are a bit too easy for us, let’s rise the bar, shall we?

Extreme ride, DESERT, lots of sand and fine dust, lots of column riding, mostly at the back ;)

Extreme conditions, no prefilter, no cheating, thousand of km without any maintenance, engine always pulling strong.
Please, take notice of the heavy dust in the front “dirty” part of the airbox, BUT, the clean part of the airbox is PERFECT, CRISTALL CLEAN, how about that?

Oh, yes, you want the data, so do I.

Our efficiency, oiled for extreme use/abuse: we START at 99.7%, we start, in filtration the progressive accumulation increases the efficiency. We start where other filters don’t even arrive. This is technology, but mostly ACCORDINGLY TO OUR SUPERIOR STANDARDS.
Not that easy though, believe me.

What makes the real difference in the air filtration?

It'is the way you measure the Efficiency, THERE IS THE REAL SECRET.

The “fashion” among producers is to apply “simply” the ISO 5011, THE international norm for Automotive Air filtration, BUT, the ISO allows the tester to choose the type of dust to use during the test, meaning, you choose what you want to filter, easy no? Way too easy for us.

Basically all choose the “Coarse” type of mix, the gaussian distribution is quite wide, with the higher lever above 180 microns, THAT IS RUBBLES, not dust, the distribution is quite vague, the lower end is around 10 microns.

Well, for us, seeing how all the system above have failed in the normal conditions, we wanted to make a real difference, applying OUR technology.

And how do you start?

Simple, you create your new testing and machinery for this, and you choose a much more hard to beat “enemy”.
We choose a much finer dust, gaussian distribution with the highest value BELOW 110 microns, a gaussian centering on the 20 microns and the lower value well below 5-2 microns, THIS IS CHALLENGING.

Out there the dust doesn’t go to the lab to be tested, it attacks you!
How would we perform with a Coarse 5011 Normed dust?

Well above 99,8%, oh, you mean just 1% difference right?
Go back to the photos above to check what the 1% of passing through dust looks like in you airbox and how the engine will react to it.


Only Guglatech is obsessed with the highest efficiency air filter protection and has worked extremely hard to create a full Synthetic Matrix, extremely robust with particular filtering efficiency matched only by far more complex, expensive multilayer with continuous maintenance and  material changes, not something you can use on your everyday trip and commuting.

1%, this is the real world, the 1% none else can match.
This is Guglatech.