BMW Fuel Filter Cleaning - BMW GS/GSA/RT 1200 2002-2012

Here we come again, thank to the great help from our fantastic customers, we can finally reveal the real inside of the Phantom NO filter issue for the R1200 BMW :)

The system, like all internal combustion Electronic fuel injected ones, is based on a pre-pump strainer, high pressure single or dual stage fuel pump, main filter between fuel pump and injectors.




Just a std fuel filter with a special design, integrated in the plastic mount, no spare parts

The strainer should protect the fuel pump from big particles, should protect, and the main filter filter everything down to the proper specs in order to protect the Injectors from clogging and erosion.

Point is that the strainer is far to “open” to allow a real protection, the fuel pump will digest far to big particles and the main filter will simply fill up eventually, clog, and kill the fuel pump.

Using a Guglatech® neck prefilter will reduce significantly the load on both fuel pump and filter, making next step very easy and long lasting.


To keep your fuel system absolutely efficient and top-class working there are some simple steps you can undertake on your own, avoiding expensive shops and spare parts.

Here we will see how to mantain, before or after a fuel pump change, a fuel filter unit from a R 1200 GS/GSA or RT, models from 2002 to 2012.

Here you will find the fuel pump unit:


Extract it and start looking at how’s done.

 BMW fuel pump

At the bottom the strainer, in the picture green, above the fuel pump and on top of it the HIDDEN FILTER unit

Detach all units and electric connectors.

Now to clean the unit prepare a mixture of injector cleaner and fresh petrol, say one big glass jar, on finger of injector cleaner topping up with fresh petrol, you can use a syring or build your own flushing system.

You can recircle the fuel using the old fuel pump and an in-line automotive fuel filter, cheap and really fast, use a basin or canister, recicle the same fuel mixture for some minutes and than change the mixture with fresh one untill the petrol comes out clean.

Fill up the unit injecting the mixture from the exit hole and either flush with more liquid or use low pressure compressed air


The petrol will present three different contaminants, water, sediments and oil

Slowly you will see black liquid leaving the unit, and after three/four back-flushing you will reach such a level

If you will wait and let it sediment, you will see it happening before your own eyes

Here my dear friend Fabio doing it easily:

How can you prevent all this?

Easy, Guglatech neck fuel prefilter

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