Expedition 15 Microns filter in use for 23'000 km and 1000 liter of fuel

EXPEDITION, 15 microns filter...During the planning phase of our big trip, we have always followed travelers through their Facbook sites and blogs.

So we read about motorcycle travelers, who became stranded after refueling by canister beside the road.

The gasoline was stored in rusting metal canisters and therefore was contaminated and probably also diluted with water. They had to drain the dirty fuel tanks, remove the tanks and clean the fuel filter filters in the middle of nowhere before they could go on. The contaminated gasoline had clogged the small standard petrol filters and so the engines got no gasoline. This also can damage the fuel pump. As well to much water in the gasoline is a big problem too. Since water is heavier than gasoline, the engine will only suck the deeper located water and therefore will not run at all or very badly.

We prefer to skip this kind of adventure and so we went on to search for a suitable fuel filter, thus the search for 15 microns filter

At Guglatech we have found what we want: the fuel filter Expedition 15 Microns In Florence we picked up the filters directly from Veronica and Guglielmo. The nice couple also helped us with the installation of the filters. The filters are supplied with a large cable tie, which serves to position the fuel filter in the tank correctly.

After 6 months, 22'500km and 1000 l filtered gasoline per filter

The filters were very easy to install and did not need any maintenance or adjustments. The filters would also be washable, if needed. At the first refueling the filters needed a certain time until they were completely saturated and the fuel could go through.

After several refueling, we were able to fill up almost as fast as without inserted fuel filter. The expedition filters very fine impurities, as Rust, sand or dust from the gasoline.

Water is also retained by the filter and only released gradually into the tank, which does not lead to any impairment.

So we had no problems with contaminated fuel and possibly contained water and could safely buy also on the roadside petrol from PET bottles or canisters. Which in many countries of this world is the most normal thing since there is no fuel station in sight. When we exchanged the filters in Osh after six months with the newer and better HDM3D filter, we were amazed how much dirt had accumulated in the filters.

From metal parts, over tar, small stones and sand everything got caught in there. Our machines thank us for sure that these things never got to the actual filter or the fuel pump.

15 microns filter

15 microns filter - Expedition

HDM3D, 10 microns matrix filter

Already at the first refueling we noticed that we could fill up with the new HDM3D filter much faster than with the previous expedition filter. The refueling is now just as fast as without used petrol filter. The further development of this product remedied this disadvantage completely. The new HDM3D filters dirty petrol even more consistently than the Expedition and surpasses it also in the performance to restrain the water from the fuel.

Therefore, the HDM3D filter became one of the reasonable and best upgrades we have made on our motorcycles!

HDM3D versus 15 microns filter Expeditoon

Check out how the latest model is comparing to other filters in the market.

No filter beats a Guglatech fuel filter!

Thank you soo much for these words Tinu and Xenia-

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