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Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red
  • Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red

Ride-N-Dry - Laundry Drying Bag - Red

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Revolutionary Travel Ride-N-Dry laundry bag in deep red colour to store humid garments during a trip. Thanks to its unique, innovative concept, Ride-N-Dry bag allows exceptional air exchange and ventilation during the daily transfers,  and thus perfectly shielding clothing from dust and dirt. It consists of a double layer: extremely light and resistant protective mesh and innovative Guglatech® membrane HP3D in order to  create the ultimate shell to dry various garments during the trip. Instead of attaching bags or the clothes to the bike or, even worse, storing them inside the luggage, risking mould and odours, Ride-N-Dry bag, having its perfect air exchange, prevents bed smells, washing water stagnation, and this way protect clothes from dust and dirt. The laundry bag is composed of a double technical shell with highly resistant Nylon straps and D-rings in order to attach it easily on top of the soft or rigid bags, thanks to common straps (not included). The Velcro labyrinth closing has been studied specially to block dust or anything else. Therefore it is a very strong structure, occupying at the same time very little space in order to ”disappear” , once placed inside the bag.

Additional Accessories:

This item includes also strong Nylon cord with hooks and cursor regulator in order  to hang the clothes after washing. Next day everything will fit in the bag and the drying continues on the bike during the trip. Separated ‘Technical Pocket’ to divide color clothes from white ones. It can also be useful  in order to put wet flip flops.


Selected high quality material, and assembly make the maintenance very simple just with the use of the normal non-aggressive detergent. Fast hand washing make the bag anew even after many kilometres of dust and smog during the trip. The bag will dry up in no time and will be ready again for using even still wet.

Ride-N-Dry laundry bag in short:

  • Colour: Deep Red /White
  • Product dimension, while being open (HxL): 34x44 cm, (LxD): 44x6 cm.
  • Maximum volume: around 6 lt.
  • Weight without accessories: 180 gr.
  • Velcro Labyrinth Closing,
  • Cordure straps and D-rings,
  • Extremely high air and water permeability with optimal protection against fine dusts and other contaminants, thanks to the Guglatech® HP3D membrane,
  • Resistant to fuel/petrol and oil,
  • Hand washing - it is recommended to wash it before use.
  • Separated ‘Technical Pocket’ to divide colour clothes from white ones,
  • Washing Line ( rope) sewn  on the 3 bag sides to dry the clothes, while riding.

Other colours:

black sunshine yellow lemon yellow orange navy blue fuchsia

Incredibile test of the Ride-N-Dry bag ( for now only in Italian):


  • brand - BAG RIDE N DRY
  • brand - RIDE-N-DRY BAG
  • brand - TORNADO BAG

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