KTM 690 pre 2010 Rally-Race Fuel System - MRT092-00

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KTM 690 pre 2010 Rally Race Fuel System

 WARNING for your KTM 690KTM 690 pre 2010: This Fuel Filtration Kit has been developed for COMPETITION only. It is not street legal in Italy, please check in your country! Guglatech declines any responsibility should it be mounted not following our guidelines. Installation is easy and straightforward, but, if you do not possess the necessary skills and knowledge, please have a professional workshop do the work for you, DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE! Full Fuel Filtration System to eliminate the OEM setup with MAHLE KL15 and/or similar filters units/position.

The KIT includes:

  • a CNC high flow filter elimination plug,
  • W4 INOX bracelets submersible also in race fuels,
  • external high-quality high-pressure fuel hose,
  • INOX bracelets and much bigger in-line automotive fuel filter to be mounted externally on the frame.


To achieve the real fuel pump protection, you MUST use one of our GUGLATECH HDM3D neck fuel filters in order to allow only ultra-clean petrol in the tank. This combination will fully protect the far too delicate OEM fuel pump and allow up to 70.000 km of fuel problem free ride. The lower pressure/flow drop with the new bigger filter will decrease fuel pump strain and will give you a much better engine responsiveness. We recommend mounting the in-line external filter vertically so to allow a fast and automatic air bleeding all the times you will mount/change the fuel filter.

  • brand - KTM
  • KTM - 690 ENDURO PRE 2010
  • KTM - 690 LC 4
  • KTM - 690 SMC


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