BMW R 1200/R1250 LC - neck filler mod for faster refueling

FIRST OF ALL, this mod for your BMW may void the warranty of your vehicle.

We do not take any responsability or we will not be held responsible, if during or after the modification you may damage components of your BMW R 1200/R1250 LC or even your life.

This part is in the fuel tank of your BMW R 1200/R1250 LC:

FUEL IS COMBUSTIBLE AND EXPLODES, if you are not sure of what or how you may do something DO NOT DO IT !

Tank and neck filler, the hole where you put the nozle to refil, are the biggest enemies of fuel filtration:

On one side you have a great shaped tank, big and with a vertical filling, on the other side, the OEM neck filler has different shapes and they may not all be perfect for a Guglatech fuel filter installation.

The BMW R1200 and R1250 LC new generation is honestly speaking an ideal situation, the tank is large and the whole volume is basically under the refueling hole, also the neck filler is, after we invented the special adapter, quite nice for mounting one of our special fuel filters.

The only inconvenient is the funnel shaped lower part: the last part is conical and with a smaller hole which closes a bit our large filter.

We recomended until today the removal of the last part of the funnel. But one of our customers, Mike (MikeGC on Advrider) gave us a very positive feedback and some more info.

The total removal of the last part of the filler (BMW R 1200/R1250 LC)

According to a BMW mechanic the total removal of the last part of the filler, may have some consequences. May induce fuel contamination, while leaning on one side, in the charcoal evap canister, so...NO GOOD!

His main problem was the non perfect refueling speed. And... looking carefuelly at the design, he has made two plus two and came up with his own version.

First, he simply took out the neck filler. This operation is NOT NECESSARY to mount the Guglatech Fuel Filter. And then cut the "tapered" portion of the lower section.

Bit of sand paper and some careful cleaning! And the final result is a much more open filter with a much better refueling time.

You may ask yourself how come we decide to give the filter such a shape. Honestly the filter is perfectly shaped and we tried many versions, even simple long, round ones. This was the fastest and most long lasting one.

So, if you wish to try the mod, be welcome and give us your feedback

Cheers ;)

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